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Reiki healing, sound therapy, crystal bowls, sound baths, energy healing, vibrational therapy, and nature heals, men's wellness, self-care, self-love, healing journey.

Self-Care✨ The term “self-care” is often associated with feminine practices. That’s, perhaps, because self-care is culturally thought of in feminine ways: getting a manicure, taking a bubble bath, or going to the spa. The truth is, however, that self-care refers to virtually anything anyone does to take care of themselves. As our society grows more accepting of the importance of mental health and the role self-care plays in our well-being, more and more men are turning toward self-care practices such as meditation, yoga and Reiki!✨ Here are 3 powerful benefits of self-care for men. 1. Better Physical Health✨ Even though we typically associate self-care with improved mental health, there are also many benefits to our physical health. Self-care for men is on the rise, largely due to the physical benefits. Men who practice self-care are generally more healthy overall. This is because this practice encourages men to eat well, exercise often, spend time outdoors, get quality sleep every night, and to listen to their bodies. Physical health and mental health are largely intertwined, so strong self-care practices will help improve both. 2. Improved Workplace Focus✨ Our jobs can be a stressful place for many of us. It is not uncommon to experience anxiety or even burnout the longer we are at a job. Mental wellness is crucial for workplace success. Men practicing self-care usually find it easier to cope with stressors and to focus during the workday. Those who successfully use self-care techniques are generally happier and less stressed by the end of the day. 3. Stronger Bonds in Relationships✨ When we take care of our minds and our bodies, other things in our lives often fall into place. Mental wellness plays a huge role in our ability to communicate and empathize with others. It comes as no surprise, that men who are regularly practicing self-care typically have more fulfilling relationships with their loved ones. Self-care plays a large role in overall happiness and satisfaction, and consistently practicing it typically allows for stronger bonds in relationships. #selfcareformen #mindfulness #wellnesstechniques#reikiisforeveryone

reikiharmonywellness You may want to forgive your parents for… ✨ Raising you through their own unresolved trauma. ✨ Not being able to teach you certain skills, as nobody taught them. ✨ Not being able to understand you, because they did not have the capacity to. ✨ Raising you through their own struggles, worries, pain and fears ✨ Doing the best they could with what they knew and had. ✨ Following certain cultural norms that they were surrounded with. ✨ Being emotionally unavailable, as their parents were emotionally unavailable. #generationaltrauma #releasewhatnolongerservesyou#healingjourney #energyhealing #reikiharmonywellnessstudio#reikihealing #reikistudio #wellnessjourney #loveyourself#healyoursoul #reiki #usuireiki #crystalhealing #crystalreiki#soundhealing #singingbowls #soundtherapy #lettinggo#positivevibes #postitivechange #loveislove

Rest, Relax, Recharge💖 The need to remain busy all the time is a trauma reaction. Remember to work rest into your wellness routine. Your energy will thank you. 💕 #rechargeyoursoul #rechargeyourenergy #restday#selfcare #selflove #enjoylife #reikitherapy #reikihealing#reikipractitioner posts.

Love this message today!💕 Make the choice to heal so you’ll no longer hear things through the filter of pain. ✨ “I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become.”

-C.G. Jung

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