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The benefits of Reiki

reikiharmonywellness 🤍 When you live with integrity, you reduce the busy mind and stress of having to remember untruths. You will find yourself without guilt to hold onto from deceiving others, and your mind will be free to focus on happiness and gratitude. 🤍 Just for today, I will do my work honestly. 🤍 ~Reiki principal #4 🎥Video clip by @amk1446

💫 A reminder to be careful of your self talk. Words have power and your mind will believe everything you tell it. Be kind to yourself, and watch your confidence grow!🌻 Here are some positive affirmations to get you started!🧡 I am Worthy I am Kind I am Generous I am Strong I am Wise I am Brave I am Compassionate I am Beautiful I am Intelligent I am Talented I am Capable I am Loved I am Enough #selflove #PositiveAffirmations #PositiveVibes#begoodtoyourself #yourwordsmatter #selfreiki #loveyourself #growandthrive #kindnessismagic #blackhawkca #alamoca#danvilleca #sanramonca #reikiharmonywellnessstudio#reikihealing #vibrationalsoundtherapy #crystalhealing

Reiki Brings Inner Peace🤍 Our energy is scattered when our thoughts and emotions are moving from the past to the future and constantly reacting to the stimuli around us. We lose the feeling of wholeness that we crave, that feeling of peace we somehow know is our birthright. Many of us have not experienced a sense of wholeness and inner peace for a long time. It might even seem unattainable or an almost mythic state we know exists but cannot reach. Modern people overwhelmingly experience anxiety disorders that are now the most prevalent mental disorders in the United States. We can see our mental and emotional states from a mind-body perspective as part of the subtle energies that are a counterpart to our physical states. Energetically speaking, a feeling of peace equates to a centered, calm, and free-flowing energy field. The stress-reduction technique of Reiki uses the power of our intrinsically perfect animating life force to center our energy body and engage the parasympathetic nervous system. Reiki energy invigorates our energy flow, removing obstacles caused by mental, emotional, and physical disruptions. It hits the reset button, allowing space to recover.✨ #innerpeace #reikihealingenergy #reikiworks #energyhealing#openyourheart #soulawakening #vibrationalsoundtherapy#reikiharmonywellnessstudio #alamoca #diablocalifornia#blackhawkcalifornia #blackhawkca #sanramoncalifornia#danvilleca


I can’t believe it’s been one year since we opened our doors at Reiki Harmony Wellness Studio!

This journey has been full of blessings, happiness and good vibes!

Thank you all for welcoming Reiki healing to our community.🤲🏻✨ And as always thank you for trusting us with your energy!💖

Sending love and light to all!✨💕

Solar Eclipse /Blood Moon🌝 Tonight’s the night!✨ On the 8th November the second Full Moon lunar eclipse of 2022 will happen. Lunar eclipses occur when the Earth is positioned between the sun and the moon, casting a shadow across the surface of the moon. ✨Some people are sensitive to the energy that comes with a Full Moon and the Full Moon eclipse energy is always more intense. This Full Moon Eclipse in Taurus promises to be even more intense. So remember to ground yourself regularly, get out into nature, move your body and consciously deep breathe. Self-care is important at this time. ✨The secret with all Full Moon Eclipses is to let go of what no longer serves you. If you are holding on to a hurt from someone or something that you know is toxic for your life but you keep replaying it in your mind, then let it go. Release it before the eclipse arrives. Write down on a piece of paper what you want to release and then burn it. When manifesting there is nothing more important than emptying out your negativity and toxic emotions so the good can come in. Start with I forgive/release: and then list what you want to release. Then you can burn the paper! ✨Now you can make a manifestation list of what you want to create in your life and get excited about it already coming true. Do a happy dance as you imagine what you have created coming true. Write it out as an affirmation and then read it out loud with excitement and gratitude! #LunarEclipse2022 #BloodMoon #MoonEnergy#RenewYourEnergy #Manifestation #LoveAndLight#natureheals #EnergyHealing #reikiwellness#reikihealingenergy #reikiharmonywellnessstudio#alamoca #DanvilleCA #DiabloCA#BlackhawkCA#CastroValley #DublinCA #PleasantonCA #livermoreCA#PleasanthillCa #WalnutCreekCA #orindaCA#LafayetteCA #MoragaCA #RubyHill #sanramonca#SanRamonValley

Things to Remember While on a Healing Journey🤍 ✨ Becoming aware of your patterns, habits and responses can be very painful. Be gentle with yourself. ✨ Healing isn't doing “big" things. It’s keeping tiny promises to yourself daily. ✨ There are no quick fixes, it's a lifelong journey of meeting your true self. ✨ Healing also looks like just being, relaxing and experiencing play. ✨ Relationships might change, shift or grow. Trust the process. Book your Reiki session and start your healing journey today.🤍

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